Feb. 22nd, 2008

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219. Headlines

Ah yes, headlines. While I was the head of the Odessa branch of the Company, one of my jobs was to keep the things we did and the things we dealt with from showing up in the headlines. It wasn't always an easy job, although having workers under me like Claude and Bennet, who truly understood discretion, certainly helped.

Imagine the panic that could have been caused if a reputable paper published a story about a girl who could spit acid or a man who could generate radiation. If something like that were discovered by the press -- by real journalists -- they would have started digging and soon the entire country would be in a panic as they discovered Specials were hiding in their midst. And if they had learned about Sylar, a super-powered serial killer? No, the general public was not ready for that kind of thing at all.

Of course, every now and then we steered a story towards the Weekly World News. We'd even let them have the truth, or at least as close to the truth as we were willing to allow them to know. How better to discredit something than to let it be printed there?

I know my death didn't make the headlines, because Linderman was killed the same night. Bob hasn't seen fit to let me see the small article on... hmmn. I think it was somewhere around page 12? Anyway, certainly not a headline. And I'm pretty sure that he's hoping I never make it out of here, either, because 'Man Dead for Four Months Comes Back To Life' would be one hell of a coup for a reporter at the Times...

Muse: Mr. Thompson
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 281 per PocketWord
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