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2008-12-31 08:56 am
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Tammy Awards

Almost as thrilling as finally getting free of the damned holding cell at the Company, I find myself nominated for some Tammy awards. I'd like to thank those who nominated me, and hope that maybe some 'dreams' can come true... *leer*

Mature Hottie
My Dream Orgy Cast (now come on, tell me you aren't just the slightest bit curious, people?)
Most Impressive Bullshitter (with two Petrellis in the running? I don't stand a chance...)
Muse You Most Want to See Tasered and Brutalized (Claude, I didn't know you cared...)

Honorable Mentions
"Is That a Banana in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?" Best Package (Oh, definitely vote for Noah on this one. *nods*)
Livejournal Freak on a Leash Award. (Not on a leash any more...)
Person You Most Wish Celibacy On (*tsk* That's hardly polite)
Couple You NEVER Want to See (with Adam -- Peter, don't be greedy; and with Arthur -- with which I wholeheartedly agree!)
Most Villainous Villain (I'm hardly a villain -- everything I've done has been for the greater good. Well... Hmn. Perhaps I do have a chance on the bullshitter one...)

And in case anyone has questions on the 'Mature Hottie' category:

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