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Name:Mr. Thompson
Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:United States of America
Rumours of my demise have been... greatly exaggerated. Better watch out, Bennet. You too, Parkman... But I'm not a damned 'project', Bob, so let me the hell OUT OF HERE.

This is a writing/RP journal and as such IS NOT REAL. This character is not a nice man and does bad things, but they are FICTIONAL bad things and I do not condone or advocate these things in real life. Adult material, shocking bad words, and graphic sex and violence may appear in posts here. Those posts will be labeled, and should not be read by people under the age of 18. I am not Tim Kring, I do not work for NBC, and I am not Eric Roberts. Who is still prettier than his sister.

From Wikipedia: Thompson is an associate of Mr. Bennet at Primatech. This is a cover for his position as Bennet's superior in the as yet unnamed organization which investigates superhumans. The character was first mentioned in Wireless part two and was introduced in the graphic novel "How do you Stop an Exploding Man?" part two. His first appearance in the show was in the episode "Company Man," mostly seen in flashbacks of Mr. Bennett's past dealings with "The Company," but also getting a brief cameo at the end of the episode where he is seen shooting Ted Sprague in the shoulder, causing him to lose control of his explosive power, and expressing interest in Claire Bennet's complete recovery from her exposure to Ted's overload. Thompson is portrayed as a man who plays by the rules and takes his orders very seriously. In the episode ".07%", Thompson informs Mr. Bennet that he is on death row and that he is just waiting for the order to kill him. His later appearances show him recruiting Mohinder Suresh into the company, and informing Mohinder of Molly Walker's condition.

Back at Primatech, Matt Parkman is able to extract the name Linderman from Thompson's head. When Parkman questioned Mr. Bennet as to whether or not Linderman was who they worked for, Bennet seemed totally oblivious to the fact that Linderman had any connections to the company. In "The Hard Part," during a conversation with Nathan Petrelli, Thompson reveals that he knows and approves of the plans to blow up New York. When Nathan implies that Linderman doesn't have the situation under control, Thompson reassures him that Linderman does. Thompson gets his orders from Linderman.

Most of "The Company's" interactions took place at Primatech paper, however, its current operations are taking place at Kirby Plaza in New York, including Micah Sanders project and Molly Walker's project.

He dies in "Landslide" after he is shot twice in the head by Mr. Bennet while attempting to kill Matt Parkman.
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