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230. Black and White

So many people say they understand that the world isn't black and white -- they claim to prefer things in shades of grey -- and so few of them truly know what they're talking about. So few of them could handle the kinds of things I've had to do working for the Company; the things that have been necessary for the greater good.

Imagine, for example, you've been sent to hunt down a dangerous Special -- someone who has the ability to generate corrosive acid but not enough control to keep from accidentally killing, or at the very least severely injuring or maiming people. Would you take the job, to protect the innocent public?

Would you still take that job if you knew ahead of time that the dangerous Special was a ten-year-old girl?

That is what shades of grey are. That is what the world is really like.

I took that job, fully aware of what I had to do. There were innocents who needed to be protected; the danger needed to be neutralized, and we couldn't exactly lock her away in a facility with an ability like that.

There is no black; there is no white. There is only grey...

Muse: Mr. Thompson
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 202 per PocketWord
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