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Apr. 15th, 2008 06:42 pm
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19.2. Make a list of things you hate doing

[locked from the Company -- there's a public list later for them]
1. Being poked and prodded by the medical staff
2. Having to pretend I like listening to Bob ramble on about the success of the project when I'm the main guinea pig
3. Biding my time before I get out of here and get my own life back
4. Living vicariously through what little news I get
5. Watching Bennet get to go out into the world
6. Watching Bennet come back like the good dog he is
7. Having head-splitting headaches
8. Wondering if each day is going to be the one where they decide I've outlived my usefulness and pack me away like they did with Maury.

1. Eating the 'carefully chosen for its nutritional value' diet the medical staff has me on. I really, really want a nice big steak dinner
2. Spending so much time in the medical wing instead of being able to live my own life.
3. Being celibate through no choice of my own
4. Waiting for Bob to finally decide it's time for me to get back to active status

Character: Mr. Thompson
Fandom: Heroes
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