Sep. 13th, 2008

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247. Write about a mess you've cleaned up.

You'd think a fellow like Bennet, with a wife and a baby daughter, would be more careful, wouldn't you? That given the nature of our job and the need for secrecy, he'd keep certain tools of the trade locked up securely where darling Sandra can't find them...

And, failing that, you'd think he would avoid such things as blaming his sloppiness on said baby daughter, who we gave him to take care of. After all, if he can't keep the job secret from Sandra then how are we supposed to trust him? And if he can't handle taking care of little Claire, then perhaps we should take her away and give her to someone else to raise.

But of course, when I suggest these things to him, he pleads with me to give him another chance. How am I supposed to refuse him when he begs so nicely; when he turns those puppy eyes on me and I get yet another hint of how vulnerable he can be. Hmmn... One of these days...

For now, I have to clean up his mess. Which, fortunately, I can do with a minimum of muss and fuss. I should probably point out to my dear friend Noah how lucky he is. Just a year and a half ago, the only way to fix this would have been for dear Sandra to meet with an unfortunate accident. Now we have my lovely Haitian find to take away those unwanted memories. I should remind Noah that he should be grateful. Very grateful...

Muse: Mr. Thompson
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 257 per WordPerfect
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